When many or all teeth are missing, often Partial dentures or Complete dentures are the best alternative. These appliances need to be crafted with care in order that the end result is exactly what you desire. Dr. Apsey uses only local laboratories to craft his dentures and partials. He takes the time to assure that the setup and fit of the teeth is to his patient’s satisfaction. There are so many different styles, shapes and colors of teeth to choose from, based on the sex of the patient, the age of the patient, and the personal style of the patient. All this is taken into consideration.

Warren Dentist Dentures

Often his patients bring a younger picture taken in their youth or a picture of a model and Dr. Apsey will work with that photo and the patient to create a smile that is something truly beautiful.

Dr. Apsey offers standard metal based dentures and partials, flexible partials and dentures, as well as precision attachment partial dentures for a more secure and esthetic alternative. There are many options and Dr. Greg Apsey will spend the time with you to help you choose which is right for you.

Dentures can also be stabilized with implants. Ask Dr. Apsey if implants are right for you.