Bleaching may be a simple answer to your desire for a beautiful smile. It’s safe, fast, and reasonably priced. Ask us and we’ll let you know if there is a bleaching option that would be right for you. You may only have to lighten your upper teeth if the lower teeth are not visible while you talk.

Dental bleaching is effective against discoloration due to food stains, the aging process, or chemical damage to your teeth. Our bleaching options are safe and will help you to achieve a brilliant smile. If you have severe discoloration, veneers or bonding may be your only option to achieve that perfect smile.

Warren Dentist Dental Bleaching

However, bleaching may still be recommended as it is reasonably priced, and may help to lessen the reduction to your teeth needed during the veneering process.

There are 2 methods to bleach teeth.

In Office “Deep Bleaching”

Our deep bleaching technique involves a combination home and in office process for creating a stunning bright smile. You will have impressions of your teeth taken and home bleaching trays made. We will ask that you bleach at home daily for 30-60 minutes for one week prior to your appointment with us. You will return to the office and have the in office treatment completed. First we place a protective covering over your gum tissues. We then place the bleaching product on your teeth. We will sit with you through your 60 minute appointment re-applying the bleach several times during the procedure. We will finish with a sealant over your teeth which will seal in the whitened teeth and will allow the bleaching process to continue after you leave the office.After your bleaching is completed, we will ask that you avoid dark foods or drinks for 48 hours. Thereafter, you will enjoy your beautiful smile. Maintenance of your whitened teeth involves touch-ups with your bleaching trays once a month.

At Home Tray Bleaching

For many people, this is all that is needed. This involves impressions of your teeth and creation of clear custom rubber trays that fit your teeth snugly and hold the bleaching material against your teeth. You will do this treatment 30-60 minutes per night for 2 weeks. You also may wish to do the treatment while you sleep and we have a less concentrated solution that is safe for use all night. This method is effective for most people and is the least expensive method to brighten your smile.