Warren Dental FillingsDr. Apsey has decided many years ago to use mercury-free restorations for his patients. The reason is that the silver fillings (containing more than 50% mercury) release this mercury in vapor form throughout the day and this release increases during chewing function and if these mercury containing fillings are in contact with restorations (fillings or crowns) of dissimilar metal (like gold). Composite, porcelain and lab fabricated composite restorations are not only beautiful and unnoticeable but they are strong and prevent fracture. These dental fillings are beautiful and strong due to the fact that they are bonded to your tooth structure using state of the art bonding agents.


Advantages of Tooth-Colored Restorations

There are many advantages to bonded fillings (porcelain, resin, or lab fabricated resin). Tooth colored restorations are bonded to your teeth. The bonding process assures a tight seal with your tooth structure and a strengthened tooth is the result. Because of the bonding process, Dr. Apsey can be more conservative with your tooth structure saving as much of it as possible. The tooth colored materials are of similar hardness as compared to enamel and therefore they will not wear down the natural teeth in contact with them.

Beauty and strength is the end product!